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Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust

Welcome to the Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust, a dynamic and progressive charity dedicated to fostering responsible dog ownership. With over two decades of commitment to our cause, we stand as the premier dog training provider in Central Bedfordshire. Founded more than 20 years ago by a passionate team of Kennel Club instructors, we set the Gold Standard in dog training excellence.

At the heart of our mission is the promotion of responsible pet ownership, ensuring both the well-being of our furry companions and the harmony within our communities. Through our expert-led classes, we empower dog owners with the knowledge and skills necessary to nurture strong bonds and maintain positive relationships with their four-legged friends.

Join us on this journey towards a happier, healthier canine companionship. Whether you're a novice seeking basic obedience training or an experienced handler aiming for the dog show ring, our comprehensive range of courses caters to all levels of expertise. Experience the difference that decades of dedication and expertise can make in shaping the lives of both dogs and their devoted owners.

Discover the Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust difference today and embark on a transformative journey towards a brighter future with your beloved canine companion.

Our Classes

Puppy training

Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Obedience Training Classes.

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Obedience Training Classes

Progressing From Puppy Through Bronze, Silver, Gold & Advanced Level.

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Ring Craft

Show Dog Training Classes

Beginner To Advanced Dog Show & Handler Training Classes.

Puppy Foundation Obedience Training - Six Week Course.

Delve into the essential first steps of your puppy's journey with our six-week Puppy Foundation Course. Tailored to lay the groundwork for early learning, this comprehensive course equips new puppy owners with invaluable insights into basic training techniques.

Enrollment is open once your puppy has completed its vaccinations, extending to pups up to 12 months old. Throughout the six-week duration, our expert instructors meticulously assess progress, ensuring a solid foundation for your furry companion's development.

From mastering basic puppy positions to fostering socialisation skills, leash training, and instilling food manners, our course covers a spectrum of fundamental teachings essential for your puppy's growth.

Held on Wednesday evenings at Kensworth Village Hall, Dunstable, Bedfordshire; our sessions offer a supportive and engaging environment for both pups and owners alike.

The entire course, inclusive of annual membership, is priced at £70, representing exceptional value for your investment in your puppy's future.

Ready to embark on this enriching journey with your puppy? Contact us today at 0333 335 6407 to secure your place and take the first step towards a lifetime of harmonious companionship.

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Pet Obedience Training Courses

Bronze, Silver, Gold & Advanced

Continue your journey towards harmonious companionship with our progressive obedience dog training courses. Building upon the solid foundation established in our Puppy Foundation Course, these courses are designed to enhance both handler and dog skills, setting the stage for a lifetime of mutual understanding and respect. Enrolment is open to pups which have completed our puppy course.

Our classes are not only informative but also fun and enjoyable, ensuring a positive learning environment for both you and your canine companion. Rooted in our commitment to excellence, our training is geared towards achieving The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Training scheme standards. As the largest dog training programme in the UK, this scheme is open to all dogs, regardless of age or breed.

Under this scheme, dogs and handlers work towards achieving four distinct award levels: Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each representing a milestone in your dog's training journey. Our six-week courses, held on Wednesday evenings at Kensworth Village Hall, provide the perfect platform to progress through these levels. Priced at just £60 for the entire course, for members.

Ready to take the next step in your dog's training journey? Contact us today at 0333 335 6407 to reserve your place and unlock the full potential of your beloved canine companion.

Ring Craft

Dog Show Training Classes

Introducing our Ring Craft training classes, tailored for dog enthusiasts aiming to excel in competitive showing. Led by seasoned Kennel Club Judges, Breeders, and Exhibitors, these classes offer comprehensive guidance to ensure success in the show ring for both you and your dog. Held every Wednesday evening at Kensworth Village Hall in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, our classes operate on a pay-as-you-go basis starting at £5 per dog, each week, offering flexibility for your schedule. To participate, simply become a member, with an annual membership fee of £10.

Beyond the competitive aspect, our Ringcraft classes foster a vibrant and sociable atmosphere, providing a platform for like-minded individuals to come together and enjoy training their dogs.

While the focus lies on show preparation, these sessions also serve as valuable training grounds for dog handling and presentation, regardless of your intent to enter the show circuit.

Even if competitive showing isn't your primary goal, our classes offer invaluable lessons in essential skills such as:

  • Socialisation with people and other dogs
  • Teaching your dog to walk on a lead calmly amidst distractions
  • Familiarising your dog with being handled and examined, as required in show situations

Join us and discover the joys of Ring Craft training, where every session promises camaraderie, learning, and growth for you and your beloved canine companion.

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Kensworth Village Hall

Conveniently located at Kensworth Village Hall on Wednesday evenings, our classes are held in a spacious and modern indoor facility, to cater to your training needs.

Equipped with an indoor secure training area, tea/coffee facilities, and accessible toilets, the hall ensures comfort and convenience for all attendees, including wheelchair users. Additionally, ample free parking is available on-site for your ease of access.

Situated adjacent to a park, providing the perfect setting for pre or post-class exercise for your dog.

The address of Kensworth Village Hall is as follows:

Kensworth Village Hall, Common Rd, Kensworth, Dunstable LU6 3RJ

Trustees & Governance

As a Registered Charity in England and Wales, the Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust operates under the guidance of a dedicated volunteer Board of Trustees. These individuals, committed to our cause, convene twice annually to oversee the strategic direction and governance of our organisation. Trustees are elected in accordance with our charity Deed Of Trust. Assisting them is Central Bedfordshire Canine Society, diligently managing the day-to-day operations, including our weekly dog training classes and events.

Membership carries significant privileges, including the opportunity to participate in our democratic processes. Members have the right to vote and propose motions at the societies Annual General Meeting, ensuring their voices are heard and shaping the future of our charitable endeavors. Join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of dogs and their owners.


Patricia Gregory

Founder Trustee

Central Bedfordshire Canine Society

Head Instructor


Gary Gregory

Founder Trustee

Kennel Club Accredited Instructor

Governance, Administration & Finance

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Sue Malster

Chairperson or Representative Trustee Of Central Bedfordshire Canine Society

Central Bedfordshire Canine Society

The Central Bedfordshire Canine Society Committee, comprising dedicated individuals elected annually from among our members, plays a pivotal role in the effective day to day management of our training classes and member events.

At the Annual General Meeting, members have the opportunity stand for election and to vote for the committee members who will serve for the forthcoming year.

The society committee works collaboratively to uphold the mission and values of the Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust, whilst running the day tot day operations, ensuring transparency, accountability, and efficiency in all our endeavors.

Patron - Mrs Patricia Gregory (Chair)

President - Mr Gary Gregory

Secretary - Mrs Joan Godfrey

Treasurer - Mrs Sue Malster

Committee Member - Mrs Tina Simmons (Vice-Chair)

Committee Member - Ms. Val Pickering

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5 Cowslip Close, Whittlesey, Peterborough, PE7 2FL

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0333 335 6407

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